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The BrykerWoods Neighborhood Association (BWNA) Forum is for the discussion of events and issues related to the BrykerWoods Neighborhood. We encourage all interested in following neighborhood news & events to subscribe to the BWNA listserve  (also see link below). A “listserv” is simply an email list to which you can subscribe and contribute. By subscribing you can read, post or deliver email messages to other BWNA listserve subscribers.

The BWNA listserv’s email volume has average only a few emails per month. The email can be managed via the tools provided by Yahoo Groups (e.g. email delivery in “digest mode”, accessing the list via the web only, ect). In other words, tools have been made available that permit you to get BrykerWoods information when and how you want.

Also please note that the BWNA listserv is moderated and all content deemed inappropriate and/or offensive will be deleted. The moderator reserves the right to remove individual users for violations of BWNA listserve etiquette. Flaming, trolling and baiting WILL NOT be tolerated.

Bryker Woods Neighborhood Facebook group

The Bryker Woods Neighborhood also has a Facebook group. Search for  “Bryker Woods Neighborhood”