Bryker Woods Elementary School


3309 Kerbey Lane,
Austin, Texas 78703
(512) 414-2054

Bryker Woods Elementary School was built in 1939 as part of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration program (later to become the  “WPA” program) Much of the Bryker Woods neighborhood was developed at this time. Located on Shoal Creek, the school’s campus is situated among several heritage Live Oak trees. The school has been enlarged by adding additional classrooms and a small gym and was remodeled again in 1986 by adding office space, a driveway in the front of the school, and additional parking. An enlarged library has been the most recent addition to the school’s campus. It is with great excitement to note that this year the school will be celebrating 75 years of excellence in education!

bw_decalThe Bryker Woods Elementary School offers high quality education for its students. It serves grades Kindergarten through six.  Students in Bryker Woods are in the O.Henry Middle School and Austin High attendance zones. Bryker Woods Elementary School is one of the few AISD elementary schools that has a 6th grade program (most other elementary schools end at the 5th grade).  Students attending Bryker Woods Elementary live in all parts of the city–approximately 33% attend on a transfer basis, making it a real ‘school of choice’! The Bryker Woods Elementary School PTA is very active and there is very high participation by the parents in school activities. Bryker Woods also provides Extend-a-Care program and after-school Creative Action enrichment classes to its students.

For detailed school information such as school calendars, staff directory, standards testing and lunch menu see the AISD  BrykerWoods Elementary Hompage.


BrykerWoods Elementary Library circa early 1940’s (AHC Pica 25454)

MercyRamsey1942Class  Mercy Ramsey’s Class at BrykerWoods Elementary Library 1942

Bryker Woods Elementary Federal Emergency Relief Administration Marker
Bryker Woods Elementary Federal Emergency Relief Administration Marker


The Bryker Woods Anthem

Bryker Woods forever!
The best school in our town.
We’ll stand be-side her
and we’ll never never never ever let her down.
Through the years that follow,
we’ll keep our banner high.
We’ll be faithful Brykerwoods as years go by.
We’ll be faithful Brykerwoods as years go by.

by Phyllis Lanning Welsch

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