Bryker Woods Concrete Pressure Pipe Repairs CIP No. 2231.227

Project Information & Description: Austin Water will be inspecting and repairing an existing 54-inch diameter water pipeline in the proximity of your neighborhood. You are being notified because you may be impacted by upcoming inspection and construction activity.

Project Construction: Inspection and repairs on the existing 54-inch water pipeline is scheduled to begin on Monday, February 10, 2014 and be completed by Friday, April 11, 2014. All inspection and repairs will be done inside the 54-inch pipeline. The contractors involved will be accessing the pipeline from a manway located on W. 134h Street between Oakmont Blvd and Beverly Rd.

Traffic Control: 34th Street from Oakmont Blvd to Beverly Rd will be closed to accommodate the inspection and repairs, but driveways located on t3h4 Street near the access manway will be accessible at all times.

Please drive carefully around the work area and follow the warning detour sigins. Contact Us: Keeping the public informed and up to date on this project is a priority for the City  of Austin.

Shirin Helmi, P.E. Eddie Cooper
Project Manager Construction Inspector
(512) 974-7133 (512) 297-5467