Mark your calendars for Bryker Woods Elementary School Urban Forest Grant Planting Day!

2:00-4:00 pm Sunday, November 6th, 2016

Description Bryker Woods Elementary School received an Urban Forest Grant through the Community Foundation of Austin this past Spring. Sunday, November 6th, 2016 is planting day! 26 native trees including shade trees and understory trees will provide erosion control to the 34th street side of the school where watershed into Shoal Creek is a major issue. Trees selected were purchased from Texas Native Nursery and selected by both Jason Traweek and Lisa Schissler, AISD Forester and also add wildlife food to the area.

Please come out to our campus and help contribute to Austin’s Urban Forest!

Tree Planting Tasks:

• Plant 26 10-20 gallon Trees
• Place T-Posts and proper ties to support Trees
• Mulch 26 Trees
• Arrange Tree Bubblers around trees installed by Cougar Irrigation on November 5th

Additional Tasks in need of help:

• Clean up School Garden for the year
• Use pavers in front of school to make a foundation and pathway to areas where water ponds

With your help, students of Bryker Woods Elementary School will subsequently be measuring and adding these trees plus other campus trees to the Austin Open Tree Map through our STEAM Lab! As well, students can begin using the garden for Spring Planting!

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